Oyster Shell Prier Beads

Oyster Shell Prier Beads

  • $42.00

This gorgeous prier bead with an oyster shell is a perfect gift!

- Symbolism of the Shell in Catholic Religion-

An emblem of baptism since the twelfth century. Once pouring water was the accepted mode for baptizing, the shell became a handy accessory. Also a symbol for the pilgrim, explaining probably why the shell is an emblem of St. James the Apostle, whose shrine is a famed place of pilgrimage.

It is also the emblem for St. Augustine, who had a vision of a child (believed to be Christ) who told him that he could sooner empty the ocean with a shell than understand the Trinity. The shell was also used by John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus. The shell is likewise one of the numerous symbols of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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